Freethinker Fantasy

publishes the Inferno series by A. Kat

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy these books?
Each part of the Inferno series is available from Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo. You can search directly in the stores, but if you use the links provided on the books page, a small commission goes to Freethinker Fantasy.
When will the next book come out?
Join the mailing list or follow the blog for updates. At present, the plan is to release either three or four parts in 2019.
Are these books only available as EPUBs, or can I get them in print?
At present, Freethinker Fantasy does not publish print books. However, if the series gains sufficient traction, it is possible that a crowdfunding campaign to release print collections could happen in the future.
Why Freethinker Fantasy, anyhow? What does it mean?
The word “freethinker” has two meanings. On the one hand, it means a person who relies on their own independent reasoning. However, “freethinker” can also mean someone who is free of religion—in short, an atheist.
What does that have to do with the Inferno series?
Read it and find out.
Does Freethinker Fantasy publish anything besides Inferno?
Not right now, but it’s not inconceivable. If anything outside of the Inferno continuity gets published under this imprint, it will be clearly distinguished as its own Verse.
Who does the art for the covers, character pages, and promotional scenes?
Artists do, of course! Should one of those artists be you? Send a letter to explaining what you’d like to do, how much you charge, and a link to your other work, if applicable.
Where do the review blurbs come from?
Blurbs come from readers who enjoyed Inferno! Many reviews find their way to Amazon or similar sites, but some don’t. When a review is not published elsewhere on the web, the reviewer’s permission is secured before their words are used on the site.
I want to support this work. What else can I do besides buying the books?
Head over to the Freethinker Fantasy Patreon page and become a patron or contribute to the community discussion. Make sure that if you enjoyed the story you rate and review it, as this helps new readers find their way to the series.
I want to do Inferno-related fanfiction or fanart. Is there a policy on that?
A. Kat holds the copyright to the books themselves, this website’s contents, and any side stories or other bonus materials released to promote Inferno. That said, fan-created works happen because of enthusiasm for the source material, which is a beautiful thing. In order to stay clear of copyright infringement, fan works should always be noncommercial. Additionally, no fan works can ever be considered canon. This ought to be obvious, but it was a problem for J.K. Rowling, so…