The Inferno Series

Welcome to the new age of fantasy.

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Inferno is a serial dark fantasy enjoyed by connoisseurs of the genre, casual readers, and everyone in between. It explores philosophical themes through the continuing adventures of four exceptional people who struggle against the hostile conformity of their world.

Inferno #1: Cassandra’s Call

Inferno 1

Cassandra Blackthorne, an unusual noble with an unusual ability, recruits a reticent bounty hunter and a brash, street-fighting youth to join her on a daring quest.

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“A really great book will grab the reader’s attention from the very first sentence and never let it go. That’s what this book does. It’s captivating from start to finish.” —S.F.

Inferno #2: In Elven Woods

Inferno 2

Cassandra’s party seeks out the wisdom of the elves, but an encounter with a young half-elf warrior changes the course of their adventure.

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“Inferno: In Elven Woods picks up where the first book left off and shifts easily into the continuing story. The characters find themselves in deep trouble right from the start, but the quick-thinking Cassandra comes through, or does she? There’s more to the story before we know the characters’ fates. Tempers flare, passions ignite, and the gang’s bond is tested time and time again. It left me itching for the third installment. I can’t ask for more.” —M.C.

Inferno #3: The Shadow Alliance

Coming this winter!